The Nigerian educational system has been rated low in value due to lackadaisical attitudes of the leaders towards educational sector. It can however, be noted that Nigerian educational institutions of various level have uphold malpracticism as a medium to make profit instead of paramounting the future of Nigeria and Nigerians because as a matter of unquestionable fact; no nation progress when her citizens are devoid of knowledge. 

Nigerian educational system has failed to the extent that Nigerian  students no longer study. For instance, when a student is registering for Common Entrance, WAEC, other exams; they will always make provision for bribe, the act they termed "soothing".

I was in one of secondary schools in one of the highly populated urban area in Nigeria to to meet a friend who is a teacher. I visited when WAEC examination was going on. My friend signaled me to come to examination hall entrance to meet him because he was invigilating the hall for the day. 

As I meet him, we exchanged pleasantries; he told me that the students are writing English Language paper that day, I glanced the exam session. Behold, the students were given photocopied answer sheet and were also making use of phones and textbooks while writing the English language. 

I looked at the white board where a letter was written for the students to copy inside their respective exam answer sheet. As I saw all these uncalled acts, some thought were lurking inside my mind. "with this unpronounceable rate of examination malpractice", how do you expect the students to be serious with their studies? How do you expect the students to defend their results? How do you expect the students and parents to have trust on Nigeria Educational system? Etc. 

Malpractice has made Nigerian students intellectually lazy and lack interest in studies because school administrators and education officials are now demanding for bribe to carry out their respective duties, they are now using their position to make unjust profits which precipitated the collapse of the educational system. 

In a similar situation, Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), an exam body in Nigeria has announced the cancellation of the just concluded JAMB examination held on April 2019 to be rewrited on May due to the fact that their database has been hacked and many results upgraded. According to JAMB chairman, Prof Oloyede O. The JAMB database encountered cyber attack and some data were transformed. 

JAMB has encountered an alarming rate of examination cheats which necessitated the adoption of computer based for the examinations rather than paper and pen, but still the malpractices has not even been curbed. 

From the intel available to us that some JAMB officials are conspiring to leaked materials for bribe, which make it almost impossible to control JAMB examination malpractice. 

However, this is a call for action, a situation that need to be urgently taking care of to salvage the future of Nigeria education and Nigerians as a whole because when the citizens are knowledgeable and literate enough, then they can easily be governed, and the leaders would uphold the principles of morals and right attitude for governance.