There are many songs that made wave in Nigeria wayback. Most of those songs conveyed meaningful message which made them popular, while some bagged historic awards and are still being played on radio and TV stations today.

Nigerian music industry have generationally transformed drastically, both genre, beats and messages it conveyed. In the modern conventional Nigerian music sphere; it is all entirely about sex, crime (419), fornication, indecent dressing and interestingly it have engulfed mentality of this digital generation, facilitating alot of immorality and crimes facing our society today.

For example:

Nigeria Jaga Jaga by Edris Abdukareem, released 199s and

Yahoo boy by Naira Marley released 2019.

Both of the above songs passed divergent message. The first song was talking about the unjust and corrupt practices of Nigerian leaders which ought to stop, while the second song was talking about, and encouraging youths to criminal arts.

This is what we are talking about. So today, we are unveiling those good websites that you can download throwback meaningful songs.


1. Retrojamz is a website where you can get the most fantastic throwback songs.

2. Oldnaija is another website where throwback songs at least from 194s down to present are found.

3. Pulse Nigeria is a Nigerian old media organization with the advent of internet, started publishing old vibes.

4. Ngplaylist have all the wayback you that you can never imagine