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Marriage can simply be defined as union between man and woman. It is a lifetime contract which requires much carefulness to avoid regretting it on the long run. For men to choose their partner, it requires much diligence (likewise the women). 

The type of women you shouldn't marry are women who possess undesirable and ill behaviors and are likely to kill you and the relationship. So you should be very careful to avoid had I know.

1. A woman who loves material things most:  A woman who is materialistic will not have second thought before leaving you once you are broke. She is not the type that will stand by you in hard times. You should be able to detect this during courtship.

2. A promiscuous Woman: 

You can never sexually satisfy a cheat freak or flirty type of woman. There is no guarantee that she will change when you get married to her.

3. The woman with narcissistic personality disorder (The Control Freak): Narcissistic personality disorder is known mainly for its characteristics of "feelings of superiority", the unquenchable tendency of self-centeredness among others.  This type of woman wants to be the boss. If she is always giving instructions and never listens to you or shuts you down with her words, don't think of marrying her. It is advisable to go for someone you can have a decent conversation with, someone that respects you as the man.

However, type of woman will try to control your entire life. She’ll

have an opinion about how you should spend your money, chew your food, iron your clothes, and maybe even how you should change your personality. 

This habit takes a lot of time, introspection and work to become unbearable. So step away from this relationship, and give her the time she needs to heal, to learn and to grow. Or marry her and stay doomed for the rest of your adult life.

4. A woman with hot temper: Hot tempered woman will always fight over every little things. A woman who is temperamental in nature will never give her husband peace of mind and will fight over little things. Remember that men who live long are those with good wife. Nagging can shortens a man's life. 

5. A woman with jealousy tendency: Women are known for their consciousness over their husband whereabouts or activities but there should be a limit to it. Avoid a woman who is extremely jealous. She gets suspicious of anything you do. Such a woman can be dangerous and it’s best to steer clear of her.

This type of woman is also characterized with mood swings. Their mood changes as fast as the clock’s hand stays on each time. She picks up a fight every time your female friend’s number starts flashing on your mobile. She keeps track of your call records and text messages to make sure you are not communicating with any other girl. She also wouldn't even introduce her best friends to you.

6. Girlie/Childish Woman: This type of woman always thinks that she is 16 and expects everything to fall on her laps. This type of woman is known to be extravagant and want everything to be her without any infinitesimal effort.

7. The Hitcher: This type of woman will always hunt for your best friend through you. She actually wants to be with your best friend but sees you as the channel. She gets close to you, makes you fall for her and just when you feel like you’ve found the one, boom! She hunts your friends and makes you a history.

The author narrates his encounter with such category of woman. Quote:- When I was in university, there was this girl I meet at school restaurant, we chatted romantically but it happened that my friend paid for our bills at the spot. The next day, she finds my friend to his residence. 

8. The Born Star Woman: She sees you as a big loser and she is the star. This happens if you marry the most popular lady in town when you are not the most popular guy in town. 

Eventually, this does not always turn out well. It’s sometimes good to boost your self-esteem or ego but it really bites. It’s her and her all the way. You have no identity whatsoever, and instead of being called Mr. Right, you are called Miss Right’s boyfriend.

9. Expert In Comparison Type Of Woman: This type of Woman will always compare you with others at any slightest moment. She always talks about her ex and how he would have reacted to a situation

at hand. You are trying to put your best out to prove you can be a great companion but she always thinks you don’t match up to her

expectations or level. 

10. The No-roles  Woman: This type of woman assumes no role in the relationship. She thinks that the relationship is all about her and expects you to take the leadership role which will leave her without much role to play at all. 

11. The Woman That Is Not Connected: Every man desires for a woman who will pour into them, as much as they pour into her, and no one wants a liability. This type of woman doesn’t really

have a life outside of her romantic relationships and everything about her is about you. Run my dear for your dear life because she might end up strangling you with her choked up love. This is similar to No-roles woman (No 10).

12. Emotional Dullard Woman: This type of woman is very emotionally attached to you and cries at any slightest hurt coming from you. She caged you emotionally and there’s no way out after marriage, so the best thing is to avoid marrying her instead. 

13. The Woman Who Believes In Feminism: This type of woman will always want to put you under her feet. She believes that women are the greatest while men are the inferiors. She also believes that she was born to empower, enlighten and save women from the chauvinistic men on earth, including you. 

This biased lady obviously has no respect for you even as her boyfriend or fiance. So to be on the safer side of the boat, It’s better you don't marry her.

14. The Nagger: This is the worst type of woman you wouldn't ever want to be with. This type of woman shortens man's life faster. She’ll leave you questioning your value, your worth and significance. You’ll never feel appreciated under the constant cloud of criticism. And the worst part is that she doesn’t say her opinion in a quiet way, she repeats the same thing over and over again and sometimes in a loud voice.

15. The Woman With Internal Crisis: A woman like this will take your heart on a ride, because she is a confused entity and doesn’t really know what she wants. One moment she’s into you, and the other moment she’s confused and wants to take a step

back. This internal struggle is not going to be resolved any time soon, so do yourself a favor and find someone who’s just as into you as you are into them. Healthy relationships are marked by peace, not by constant doubt and later regrets.

16. The Deceptive Look: This type of woman is always addicted to makeup and cosmetic 24/7. What you see at night is not what you get in the morning. She looks so innocent and you think she is the most beautiful woman in Nigeria until you see her early in the morning. After all her body modification have been removed, the real person looks like a masquerade and disgusting. Don’t be deceived she will only look worse than that in a couple of months.

17. The Complaint Box: This type of woman extremely complain. For her,  everything is not just right, even if she can’t explain why she doesn’t like the way things are, she loves to hate you. She always finds fault with all that you have done and have no appreciation for anything you have done. What this does to you is way beyond making you lose your confidence and self-respect, it kills your ego in the long run if you marry her.

18. The Religious Fanatics: This type of women are addicted to religious activities keeping the relationship aside. They strongly believe that their relationship on earth is with God and not you. They many at times behaves demented or lose contact with reality. Most of them have awkward dressing code. They devote all their time to religious activities leaving their family behind, so you better run for your dear life to avoid regretting it later. 

19. The Gossip Addict: Even though women are known for their tendency to gossip about. But the worst one will end up baring your family affairs which are supposed to be a privacy between you and her. This type of woman also seek disastrous advise from her gossip friends on how to manage or deal with you. 

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