The Biafra people had just concluded their annual "sit at home" protest in honour of those who died on the course of Biafra. The sit at home protest held every 30th of May had became a remarkable and a must-observe day for agitators of Biafra. During the sit at home day, no market, social institutions, clubs, etc are expected to operate in honor of Biafra heroes and heroin. 

Biafra people had fought defensive war against Nigeria from 1968 (when Yakubu Gowon of northern military head of state declared eastern part of the Nigeria "state of emergency" to stop the of people of Biafra from succeeding from Nigeria) to 1970. This war killed an estimate of 3.4million people, including those who died as a result of famine and sickness. The People Of Biafra accused Nigeria's government of marginalizing them.

Nnamdi Kanu of Igbo origin in Nigeria is the leading head on Biafra agitation in Nigeria. He co-founded the "indigenous people of Biafra" (IPOB), which has a radio operating both in shortwave, frequency modulation and online operating most times in UK and aimed to reach Biafra believers.

Kanu was arrested some years ago by Nigeria's secret police spend nearly two years in prison and was charged with treasonable felony, others; later regained freedom on health condition and released under stringent conditions associated with bail.

Nigerian security forces conducted dangerous operation code titled "Python Dance", this operation was conducted at Kanu's home town where he lives with his parents. During the attack, men of the Nigerian army uses military hardwares such as tanks, bren guns, APC, etc against Kanu, leading to death of thousands, on the move to forcefully and extrajudicially kill Kanu; Kanu was clandestinely smuggled out of Nigeria to Isreal. Kanu is also known for his Jewish faith.

Kanu, before his arrest goes feud with Radio Biafra co-founders, Clifford Iloayana (DoS), Bar Emma Mmezu, etc accusing them of conspiring with Nigeria's government. They were later sanctioned, compelling them to form anti-IPOB group called "Soldiers Of Justice" bribing some IPOB members in Nigeria and absorbing them into the "SoJ" to fight Kanu. However, this was what necessitated Kanu to go about with Armed guards since his life is in gravely danger.

Kanu was pictured guarded with heavy security at Dr Martin Luther King Jr's National historical park Atlanta Georgia in USA during heroes remembrance day, 30th May 2019.