This is St Augustine Catholic Church situated at Tudun Wada in Kaduna state. This Catholic Church has been burned down by Muslim rampaging youths who are always ready to kill.

However, despite religious and political tension in the nation especially as it most affects Kaduna, some daredevil Muslims incinerated the church.

Recall that the governor of the Kaduna state, Alhaji El Rufai who is a Fulani sunni Muslim and among the political and religious elements hatching the already futile plan to forcefully and strategically annex the east and south Christian part of the country to form an Islamic state.

He made a law banning Christianity activities which a court has nullified and even though he has since support the decimation of Christians especially in southern Kaduna.

We all know today that Nigeria is sitting on a kedge of gun powder which no one can tell the final hour the nation may explode. All these actions and diabolic plans opposes the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria which they know.

Below are the photos sourcing from a facebook user