Shocking emerging multiple report has it that FG has installed Fula Emir of Lagos in the person of his majesty Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bambado. Throwback Times learnt.

Mohammed Abubakar Bambado is 40 and a businessman. His company strives on the juicy business of Ports Handling at the prime seaports.

The Sarkin Emir Of Lagos, in the South West Of Nigeria is a Fulani. He was pictured seated on his throne, with a hand crafted golden cow-head chair.

Apparently Lagos will soon be another Ilorin. At the start of the 19th century Ilorin was a border town in the northeast of the Oyo Empire, with a mainly Yoruba population but with many Hausa and Fulani immigrants.

It was the headquarters of an Oyo General, Afonja, who rebelled against the empire and helped bring about its collapse with the assistance of the Fulani. The rebellion was powered by Nupe and Bornu Moslem slaves.

Afonja had been assisted by Salih Janta, also called Shehu Alimi, a leader of the local Fulani. In 1824 Afonja was assassinated and Alimi's son Abdusalami became Emir.Ilorin became an emirate of the Sokoto Caliphate.

Also similar incident took place centuries ago when Fulani conquered the old Ghana and old Mali empire. Because they always settle wherever they came to do business and subsequently conquered the inhabitants and take over their land.

Lagos has a well known traditional leader with title "Oba". By 1810 century, Usman and his Fulani followers conquered all the Hausa states. He put Fulani emirs or princes in place of Hausa Emirs. All these Fulani emirs came to Sokoto where Usman Dan Fodio had his headquarters, to pay tribute.

The present emirs of northern Nigeria are descended from these Fulani emirs. By the end of 19th century, the emirs had stopped paying tribute to Sokoto, and from that time the Sultan Of Sokoto was simply the religious head of the Fulani empire.

As a matter of futuristic fact, the Oba of Lagos may be compelled to start paying tribute to almighty Emir Of Lagos. These incidental development have made wave of anxiety among the Igbo people in eastern and southern part of the country.

However, a facebook user, (anonymous) apparently a Fulani indigenous has posted on his timeline making a mockery of Igbos. Quoting the statement:
"No escape route for Igbos, they think they are stubborn, we are the real owners of the lands in eastern and southern part of Nigeria".