As the saying goes "history reiterating itself once again". History scholars can not forget so soon on how Fulani (through great Islamic preacher, Usman Dan Fodio) conquered the Hausas in a state in western part of Africa (Now Nigeria) and today Hausas are now being marginalized, stagnant and geographically, culturally, economically, religiously and politically dominated by the Fulani (The Berbers white-skinned people who migrated from north Africa and had continued gradually to the verge of dominating the world).

Let's look at a case study of Turkey. A country that was once a Christian state is now entirely Muslim country. Take a look at Sudan, Cameroon, Liberia, etc are all facing conflicts which centers largely on religious and political differences. The religious difference fueled political turmoils.

Since the existence of the geographic communities (today called Niger area after 1914 amalgamation by British lord lugard). The Fulani Empire had as a matter of historical fact, made a strong plan that Nigeria would become entirely a Muslim country and this they are achieving gradually and strategically (with divide and conquer tactics).

Apparently, the Fulani had successfully conquered Northern, western, northeast, northwest, southwest part of Nigeria and the final journey is to execute their ill fated plans by creating a programme that will establish settlements for Fulanis in Igbo lands. And this was coming after a failed plan to establish Fulani vigilante group in Igbo Land.

The federal government says it has started establishing settlements for herdsmen (cow Fulanis). Mohammadu Umar, permanent secretary in the ministry of agriculture and rural development, made this known in an interview with NAN in Abuja on Tuesday.

He however said that the farm settlements when fully established would address the incessant clashes between cattle rearers and farmers. Umar explained that the pilot programme had already commenced on a 31,000-hectare in Kotongora, Niger state.

According to him, the required facilities for a basic life and treatment of cattle are being provided to enhance productivity. He said the government would replicate the programme in selected states as work “is ongoing in the 12 pilot states”.

According to him, six settlements will be established in each of the pilot states. Umar, who added that the centres would be expanded and adequately equipped, and assured the beneficiaries that government would do all that was necessary to enlighten the herdsmen on how the use of ranches could make make cattle rearing more profitable.

He said the government would sensitise the herdsmen to the social and political benefits derivable from such settlements. The permanent secretary explained that various spots would be established for the pastoralists to be able to milk their cows. He also said that dispensaries would be established to prevent the misuse of antibiotics.