Throwback Times Nigeria (TTN) is a subsidiary of AfricanBaseJamz. Though formerly known as Ultimate Times Tv E-newspaper. The defunct Ultimatetimestv appellation was changed to Throwback Times which publishes old songs, history and related news.


In 2015, Throwback Times Nigeria (Defunct Ultimate Times Newspaper) was founded by Chiekezie Kenechukwu Fidelis who hailed from Anambra State, Nigeria.


By 2010, many entertainment websites birthed continuously though blogging wasn't a something popular in Nigeria then. There are prominent news blogs then like Bella Naija , Lindaikejisblog , naijaloaded (created 2010), Jaguda , Iroking (now irokoTv), Nairaland Forum , etc. These blogs were popular then by 2014 to present many different niche blogs has been created, flooding the search engines and generating significant competition in blogsphere.

By 2014, I had interest in blogging so I created a Blogspot subdomain blog as I don't know anything about blogging but I have interest.


I may have started blogging before many present prominent blogs but financial constraints always hinder my efforts and make it fruitless.

After I created facebook pages and other media handles. I created subdomain of (after Meanwhile I am ignorant of everything about blogging so I quitted.

By 2015, as an university student, I created another blog (news and political niche) with subdomain and always have high number of traffics so I think about monetizing the blog but had financial difficulties to buy latest ads so I used local ads but it was never productive nor paying.

By 2018, I thought of adopting micro niche (less competitive niche) so I chooses which is a fantastic domain name replacing the ultimatetimestv and over since the success is incomparable to the previous blogs that I had created.


AfricanBaseJamz supports financially and otherwise.