Since the beginning of Bokoharam insurgency in 2009. Nigerian army had suffered untold casualties and losses, estimated about 60,000 deaths of personnel and deserters.

Many people have suddenly became widowers, widows; children becoming fatherless or motherless or orphans overnight as a result of deaths of soldiers combating Bokoharam terrorists.

Even though it is proverbial that the fight to quell terrorism in northern Nigeria is politically, religiously and tribally motivated.

Bokoharam (radical Sunni Islam) demands for the creation of Islamic state in northern Nigeria which they want to actualize through violent means.

At first, Former governor of Bornu state and other northern politicians heedless warnings and sponsored the Islamic sect till they became more powerful and home distantly to Sambisa Forest in Bornu state and subsequently spreading to nearby border countries (Cameron, Chad, etc) following affiliations with ISIS and other terrorists groups; and splits resulting to creation of Islamic state in West African province (ISWAP).

Nigerian army owning the fact that it is dominated by northerners of Islam usually draft and deploy Christain soldiers to fight Bokoharam terrorists with obsolete weapons and in conditions which did not conform with modern military strategies and operations.

Apparently and tactically, Christian soldiers are deployed to fight Bokoharam and get killed as this will assist their decimation in the Nigerian army and gradual easy Islamization of South-easterners and thereby achieving the major aim and goal of Bokoharam.

These are the photos of gallant soldiers ambushed by Bokoharam terrorists.

This is late Capt Ikechukwu Ohakwe from Nekede Imo State who is an identical twin was murdered by Bokoharam on 17th July 2019.

This is late Colonel Kenneth Elemele from River state murdered also by the dreaded terrorist group alongside other 20 escort soldiers in Yobe state on 17th July 2019.