Blogger is the most popular blogging platform suitable for beginners (and Pro as well). Since Google  purchased blogger years ago. They have been putting their best towards making sure that blogger (Blogspot) serves users right and improving their blogging experiences.

Despite trying their best to enhance productivity of blogger.  Blogger still have limitations compared to Wordpress (which most bloggers have adopted) due to the fact that everything built therein is automatic (plugin) making blogging more easy and enjoying than blogger which depends largely on manual twerking of html codes.

Ranking On Search Engines:

Blogger users most times complain about poor or no ranking at all in search engines. But even though blogger might be a bit inferior to wordpress regarding to ranking but the truth be told that most of poor ranking problems/shortcomings were cause by bloggers due to poor blogging experiences.

Blogging is not all about writing post and publishing, blogging has guidelines and principles which many are ignorant of. But today, I will guide you on ways and do's and don'ts regarding to blogging (Blogspot) ranking precisely.

Optimizing Blogspot Post:

You may not be aware that Google Search Engine normally modify their policy annually, so last year's policy would not be the same with this year regarding to ranking and this means that you must keep yourself abreast with the Google search engine latest development.

Recall that whenever a key word is searched by a Google search engine user. Google sends spider to craw on related post and Google spider/bots recognizes quickly websites with post title examples below:

Top 5

Most 4, 4 Most Played, etc


5 Consequences Of

5 Causes

How To

4 Ways To

(Use of hyphen  (-) and numbers are also very important)


Search Engine Copyright Policy:

Google do not recognize or value blogs with copyrighted materials (photos, videos, contents). You must acknowledge the fact that whatever content, video or images that is posted to social media and blogs (Eg facebook , twitter , Pinterest ,etc) will be quickly index by search engines and if you use those pictures or images or contents on your blog, Google bot will flag your blog as copyright infringer and thus has no value to the readers. And consequently this will blow a tail on your blog ranking (ie you will not rank at all).

How To Use Images For Blog Posts:

If you can't snap/make new pictures for your blog posts. Then download apps like photo collage, photo blender, photo changers, etc. Use the app to edit the picture.

When you edit the picture, the image link 🔗 will be new and not recognized nor indexed by any search engine, then use the image for the blog post.

Secondly, to rank (SEO optimized and automatically define) your blog post image, there is a script you need to add on your blog html area.

guidelines to add the code:

1. Goto your blog Theme and click "Edit Theme"
2. Just above the head section < Head >
3. Paste the below code

However, this script also contained "no follow" against low value blogs and automatically compress your images to avoid delays while your blog is being opened.

Thirdly, always write the source of your image under the image while making a blog post.

How To Optimize blogger post content:

Writing a blog post is not as common as you might think because there are principles for it.

Firstly, while writing blog post content, you must use descriptive words and languages. Always avoid copying contents from either social media or blogs, if you want to copy at all, you have to rewrite/edit the content by panel beating it up to get your own unique content and change the title words as well.

Always quote E.g according to Wikipedia , etc. Say the source of your post; use hyper link (this is major in-page SEO).

Use sub-titles as well and avoid writing without paragraphs that has paragraphing principles (Unity, coherence and comprehensive). Make you paragraphs short and use clear words to enable your readers understand the article easily.

Use bullets, numbers and alphabets and highlights as well.

Sourcing Of Post:

You must have in mind that whatever content you're writing or about to write has a reason. For good ranking and uniqueness of your blog. You should write original post with uncommon keywords.

Before doing this, you must have choosing your blog niche (I advise you to choose micro niche) and related domain name; do not choose domain name outside your niche name.

Also add "my favourite blog" feature in blogger and add all popular blogs related to your blog niche and by doing this, your blog will rank very well.

Blogger Blogspot Template:

You may like this template creator

Blogger template is made up of Hyper text markup language "HTML" and Cascading Style sheet "CSS" which may not be understood by non web developer Bloggers. These html and css housed the contents in Blogspot.

This content is only readable by human when it is decoded by web browsers (due to the HTTP and HTTPS).

If you can't create your own template, then twerk the one you have to make it unique and make sure that the html size is  reduced for fast ranking.

All these denotes that their is need for you to reposition your blog so that your efforts will not be in vain and thus, you will enjoy blogging and it's profits.