We at ThrowbackTimes Nigeria refresh your memory about the notorious local Terrorist operating around axis of Abia state Nigeria from 2000 to 2016. He is popularly addressed as 'Osisi ka Nkwu' in Igbo translates as Wood/Tree that is greater than the Palm Tree.

This guy was more or less a cousin to the Devil. His real name was Obioma Nwankwo, and he held Abia hostage for years, focusing his operations around Aba, while some of his boys held sway in parts of the capital Umuahia in Abia State.

This guy permits who comes in and goes out of the city. He was so powerful that it is said banks used to send him N2m monthly as insurance from robbery (They deny this though).

He was a specialist kidnapper and bank robber. Osisi ka Nkwu learned weapon handling under Ateke Tom (From Delta State) during the militant era in Port Harcourt. He later worked for a popular politician in Abia during the 2007 elections (name withheld), after the politician got tired of settling him, Osisi ka Nkwu took up arms to survive in the streets.

One of his famous hobbies involved taking young beautiful girls who caught his fancy hostage and keeping them for his pleasure in his camp. Other of his infamous hobbies included robbing banks and buses filled with travellers either entering or leaving Aba.

Who remembers the 2010 kidnap of school children in their school bus on the way to school? Osisi ka Nkwu led the criminal gang that accosted the bus on its way to the Abayi school Aba that Monday morning. He seized all the phones belonging to the teachers and driver onboard before taking the children away. Their ransom was $130,000 (N46.8m in today's currency). The money was paid and Osisi ka Nkwu got more powerful. Traders got scared of going to the Ariaria market while parents got scared of sending their kids to school.

Also Osisi Ka Nkwu trained more kidnappers and thus, many criminals adopted kidnapping as a lucrative enterprise. During the reign of Osisi, many rich men were kidnapped the likes of Tonimas, GUO, Mikel Obi's Father, etc.

Social life in Aba was at an all time low due to one man and his gang. Those abducted kids were from Rich homes actually and the action angered President Goodluck Jonathan who ordered his arrest at all costs. From that moment, all his calls were monitored painstakingly in an attempt to pinpoint his exact location. It was almost impossible to do that though but luck smiled on the security agencies when one of his numerous kidnapped girls managed to escape, and carried one of his weapons along. This lady reported to the Joint Task Force, and he was tracked to his hideout in the Obokwe Asa evil Forest in Ukwa West LGA. The soldiers hid in the forest for 3 days, observing and waiting for him.

Their original plan was to catch him alive, but he sensed danger after walking into their ambush and reached for his gun.

This resulted in a gun battle that lasted for hours. It proved to be one too many for the robber as he was gunned down alongside 2 of his accomplices; Polycarp who died instantly and Chinedu who died much later at the Military Hospital Port Harcourt.

His girlfriend who usually cooks for the kidnapped ladies was arrested and she led the Army to their prison where 6 of them were freed. A cache was discovered and the weapons there were 6 AK-47 rifles, one RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) launcher, one Machine Gun, one GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) 11 RPG bombs, 133 rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition, and 99 pieces of empty AK-47 magazines.

His corpse was paraded before Governor T.A Orji of Abia State.

Culled from Abia Vanguard