After about six days of continuous nationwide protests against the notorious police unit SARS and police brutality. The Nigerian army through his spokesperson, released a press on 16th of Oct which says that the NA shall begin operation Crocodile Smile VI. 

Recall that Nigerian army had conducted the said operation sometime ago in the Southern part of the country to quell Niger Delta Avengers and other Militant groups that protested against the lackadaisical attitude of the government towards developing the states that supplies the crude oil which is the major source of income for Nigeria. 

Meanwhile, Nigeria Army have launched the same operation code to suppress protesters (ie to use force, kill and maim innocent as usual). According to the statement. The Nigerian army shall deal with protesters and cyberprotests, including hackativists, a group that have hijacked different websites belonging to the Government in solidarity with ENDSARS protesters. The  websites h@cked so far includes those belonging to the Nigeria broadcasting Corporation, EFCC, FirstBankNigeria, Nigerian Police.

Nigerian Army says it's men shall deal mercilessly with cyberprotesters. The operation was scheduled to commence October 20th to end on December 1st, 2020.

Secondly, due to the fact that tertiary schools were closed due to the pandemic novel corona virus disease. ASUU Strike also affected many tertiary under the body; high rate of unemployment and inflation, civil servants were also at home due to the COVID-19. This fact caused the protests to have gathered huge momentum, which seemed to have lead to Nationwide revolution. 

The government of different States had announced on 16th of October that all the Civil servants return to office from Monday. Also the FG had hurriedly provides the long time demand presented by ASUU to revamp tertiary Education sector. This is so that students who are part of the protest go back to lecture hall to decongest the crowd.