We are always right when it comes to intel before hand. Recall that Throwbacktimes Nigeria reported that Fulani Forces compelled Nigerian Army to use brute force to suppress ENDSARS protesters.

The classified information also revealed the motive behind the operation (Operation Crocodile smile)  recently launched by Nigerian Army. The insider also revealed Rule Of Engagement (ROE) which the drafted men must adhere at all cost to shot directly at the demonstrators.

We learnt that Nigerian Army opened fire on peaceful protesters killing 83 persons, more than hundred sustained critical injuries, they carted away dead bodies at Lekki Toll Gate yesternight. Also unconfirmed report has it that the dead bodies carted away by the men of the Nigerian Army at Lekki Toll Gate yesternight had been buried by Nigerian soldiers this morning 21st October 2020, though the report did not disclose the location.

In this ugly development, world high profile individuals such as Hilary Clinton, The Rock, World Stars, etc had called on Nigerian Army And Nigerian Government to cease wasting precious innocent lives of people registering their grievances. Nigeria as a democratic nation and her citizens have absolute constitutional right to embark on a peaceful protest.

The solution is to listen to the demands of the protesters and soothe them out with immediate effect.

Nigerian Government for many decades had continued to deceive and marginalize Nigerians, embezzle public funds, failed 99% promises, violate fundamental human rights through security agencies, negligences, corruption in all sectors, subjugated Nigerians to perpetual impoverishness, election rigging, recycling of mentally and physically feeble politicians with self-centered attitudes etc.

For proper Governance, radical revolution is only way out. Nigerians (due to ethnic diversity) demanded for proper restructuring, fiscal federalism, straightfowardness, accountability etc but the corrupt old dullards kept deaf ears. They only understand REVOLUTION.

The sorry state of Nigeria had made suffering  look like a "Normal" condition. Some Nigerians who are at developed countries or had been in developed countries have used Hell Fire to Qualify Nigeria. A Nation where extortion is a daily routine from Security agencies.

Meanwhile, every action, according to natural law, must have a reaction and effect. Whistle browers in Nigerian Security Agencies, in summary revealed how high ranked officers always monopolize funds meant for their welfare which is the major rationale for daily routine extortion of Nigerians.

The problem is always from the head, those at upperhand are corrupt and wicked and they've held Nigerians on Hostage for 60years  since the independence from colonial rule.