Since Nigeria  got independence from colonial rule in the year Oct 1960, Nigeria leaders have imbibe the trait of corruption, embezzlement of public fund, lies and deceit, political thuggery and godfatherism, reclycling of leaders, etc which Nigerians had endured for almost 60years.

Prior to the Nigeria's independence, after 1914 amalgamation of the north and southern protectorate by Fredric LordLugard. Great Britain has been incharge of political affairs of Nigeria until her emancipation through the help and sacrifices of Nigeria Nationalists.

Nigeria geographically situated in the western Africa and habours about 50 ethnic groups with almost 1000 languages. These ethnic groups have there peculiar cultures and customs. Nigeria has major 3 ethnic groups (Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba), until Usman Danfodio, a Fulani Descendance from Senegal came and reside in Borno State, built strong army, conquered the Hausas and indoctrinated them with Sunni Islamic principles. Usman is a radical Islamic scholar. He eventually also installed emirs in replacement of Hausa Traditional Rulers.

By this, Britain used Hausa-Fulani as an instrument to continue their experiment on Nigeria, exploiting the people of South and East because of the abundance of natural resources (especially Crude Oil). Britain have been using the DIVIDE AND CONQUER Strategy to keep raping Nigeria. The populace must understand this fact and desist from being used by the wicked elements (Britain and FG)

In this 21st century, in jet age, who in his or her right senses should accept the perpetual exploitation by Britain and her instruments (Nigerian Government) ? No.

Nigerian government as Usual performs extrajudicial killings, ie killing of anyone who challenges the unfavorable policies made by the government. Then in the security sectors, top rank officers NORMALLY pockets welfare, if not stipends or allowances of other personels, compelling them to resort to daylight robbery and extortions.

Nigeria has been battling with many problems directly or indirectly engendered by her leaders ranging from the Bokoharam, Bandits, Militancy, Hoodlums and agitations. This is due to the fact that the leaders had failed, they are self-centeredness and always protect self interest because most are octogenarian and septuagenarian and are mentally and physically incapacitated to govern.

As God remembered Nigerian Youths uses one of the footages of Police brutality to stir up the mind of the people to put an end to this nonsense militacracy. The Nigerian youths should seize the opportunity of this protest to act.

This they should do by mounting enormous pressure via every platforms on the Nigerian Government to reset Nigeria by giving the youths a chance to rule or better disintegrate Nigeria lets go our separate ways.

Should Nigerian Government refused, radical revolution should be the only way out. This is by embarking on Civil disorders and boycotting nonsense government activities until the world comes or better Nigerian Youths create interim Government since the incumbent Government only discerns use of force and radicalism.

The youths had been ravaging and looting things since the inception ENDSARS protests, including food because there is anger and hunger, tribulations in the land which many had accepted it as a normal life, which is otherwise. We are humans, Nigerian citizens and derserve a better life. So far in this ENDSARS demonstration, the Nigerian Government via Security Agencies had wanted more than 500 innocent lives of the demostrators nationwide.