X-raying to the most nucleous of the reportages diffusing from diverse media outfits and Social media. Most reports lack independently verifiable empirical facts. 

Nigeria has been ravaged invariably with terror activities most especially in the Northeast embodied with different terror groups sponsored by top officials of incumbent administration of APC in Nigeria and international Terrorist Organizations. 

Bokoharam/ISWAP/Bandits terror group in Northeast 

These terror groups in the Northeast are made of mainly Northerners and their cousins in countries with common perimeter in the Northeast. These groups share common stipulated aims which majored to dominate and indoctrinate population of other part of the Country.

These wanton and ruthless activities of these groups (Fulani Herders, Bokoharam, ISWAP, Bandits, Kidnappers, other) compelled the Southerners, Easterners, West and Middle belt to agitate for self determination  to abscind from obnoxious unfathomable killings from these JIHAD foot soldiers. 

Nigerian Government have killed many of the agitators and had been killing more. Nigeria coridor of power is dominated by these JIHAD fighters. They input and device different modus operandi to quell the population of non believers.

Alleged Arms Recovered by DSS 

The same picture from 2013 post in Facebook 

Sunday Igboho 

Sunday Igboho spearheaded and steer West self determination movements. The government killing machine invaded his home without proper formal invitation, destroying his home, killing many and arresting many of his followers.

DSS who got intel from an insider took away with 3 million. And framed Sunday Igboho with 2013 photographs of arms. DSS has been a Colossally instrumental for the government. The same DSS declared Sunday Igboho wanted for challenging the Jihadism. 

Nnamdi Kanu 

Nnamdi Kanu from Eastern Nigeria foresaw the iniquities of the Jihadist and upheld the ideology of late Nneamaka Odimegwu Ojukwu who fought the Jihadists wayback but lost due to unpronounced internal sabotages.

Kanu fought with words of mouth until he was forced to engender Eastern Security Network (ESN) to defend the East from Jihad Invaders in the name of Cow Grazing. The elites and top politicians from the East and West are instinctively interested in the war against the Jihad but chooses to adamantly please the Senegalese descendants de Barbers and Tuareges called Fulanis who had became too powerful in the seat of Power in Nigeria auspiced by Britain Colonial master. 

Kanu who fought head to head with the Jihad with unquenchable morale defy them in the Nigerian Federal high Court and won. He was released, he traveled to his home in Umuibeku in Abia State to continue his Court trials peacefully. Untill unfortunately the Killing Machine invaded his home killing many people only by his Providence he escaped and left Nigeria and continued to Challenge the Jihad in the Nigerian government to retrack their steps. 

Kenya President Uhuru 

He was later tracked down with sabotage from an insider in IPOB caucus who revealed to  Nigerian Government who then informed Kenya Government of his visitation. Nigerian Government paid huge sum of US Dollars to Kenya and funded the tracking and picking up of Mr Nnamdi Kanu in airport in Kenyan Capital City after he was unlawfully arrested by Kenyan secret Police and tortured for sometime before handing him over to Nigerian Counterpart. It was also learned that Nigerian Government paid huge sum of Dollars to government of Cameroon, Ghana, Benin, Niger Republic, others to arrest Kanu whenever he step in to their Countries. 

Nigerian government been cognizance of World awareness of Kanu's lawful activities deviced means to orchestrate more fresh horrible charges to jail Kanu for life. 

Arrested young man was forced and tortured to allege that Kanu's ESN is violent and crime-rooted to fasten their unholy motives. In this juncture, Mr Kanu was ignorant of top information of gunmen who ravaged Security formations. Unknown gunmen was said to sprout out of vengeance from some angry unruly Nigerians to warn the Government and it's security arms to stop incessant killing of innocent people which had been going on in the country. 

The recent protest tagged #ENDSARS evidenced the above facts about killing of Nigerian Security Agents. Don't be so fast to forget that these Jihad in the power also intend to use hunger to weaken the unbelievers. This is the major rationale behind Nigeria's worsened Economic showdown. 

The below report was divulged by Punchng.com. Punch is quoted:

He said that he participated in the attacks on Owerri Correctional Centre, Imo Police Command headquarters, Orlu Police Station and the country home of the state Governor, Hope Uzodimma.

Several inmates escaped during the prison break, while a policeman was killed in the governor’s residence in Omuma, Oru East Local Government Area of the state, and vehicles vandalised.

He said the group attacked Uzodimma’s house to avenge the killing of one Ikonso, who he described as a top ESN commander.

Benjamin stated, “I am from Uzombe town in Uguta, Imo State. I was in the village in 2019 when one John approached me. He knew I had been looking for a military job without success so he advised me to join IPOB. I was attending IPOB meetings in Orlu every Sunday. I attended the meeting until November 2020 when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu formed the ESN.

“I volunteered to join the ESN and I was trained with many others from different parts of the country in a camp close to the Niger Bridge. Before I went to the camp, I was living in a church in Orlu owned by Nwachukwu. While at the camp, we were given military training and our phones were seized from us.

“After our training we were given boots and uniforms and asked to go back to our various state commanders. My state commander was the late Ikonso. We were not given any money. When I got back to Imo State, I reported back to the church which served as one of our camps at that time. Then, we got an order that there shouldn’t be any police or military checkpoints in the South-East. All the ESN state commanders asked their fighters to comply with the order. I also obeyed the order because I have taken an oath.”

Benjamin said they first attacked a police checkpoint in Orlu during which a policeman and two of his members were killed in a gun battle.

He explained that policemen busted their camp in Orlu and they relocated to Anambra State, where they continued attacks on police stations and checkpoints.

He added, “Ikonso, one Engineer Mike and Temple organised the attack on the Owerri Prison and Imo State Police Command headquarters. We stole 50 police rifles. We were over 100 fighters who went for the operation but on our way back, some soldiers attacked us and many of our fighters were killed.

“We carried out a few other attacks on security formations in Imo and Anambra states before Ikonso was killed in his residence. After his death, we burnt the governor’s house and killed a security man.”

The suspect said they had killed 30 persons so far in vengeance of Ikonso’s killing and attacked Orlu Police Division to free their members detained at the station.

He said, “We went in 10 vehicles. We tied white and red clothes on our bodies for protection against bullets. We prepared the charms with the heads of 10 young girls.

“Temple and Mike came up with the suggestion to use the girls for the charms and we abducted them in Imo State. Unfortunately, before we got to the Orlu Police Station, a police armoured vehicle attacked us and killed 12 of our fighters and injured four others.”