IPOB leader's trial was scheduled to hold on 19th January 2022 as adjourned but an application was filed by the Legal team on emergency, not really for Court trials. 

Barrister Aloy Ejimakor, Mr Nnamdi Kanu Counsel disclosed what transpired today in Court room. 

Below is a Summary of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Court proceedings of today, 2nd December

First, there was total absence of security operatives in court and around the outer perimeters as was the case during previous proceedings.

Second, Mazi Kanu was not in court and there was no officer from the DSS to explain why. But from what I surmised, both the court and the DSS might’ve concluded that his presence in court was not strictly required in the sort of application that was moved in court today. However, we still protested his absence in court.

Third, the court did not grant Kanu’s Legal Team the leave to move our pending application challenging the jurisdiction of the court to continue the trial. Recall that we had filed such application, arguing that the extraordinary rendition of Kanu constitutes a constitutional barrier to his trial. The court ruled that the application was not calendared for hearing today; and that will be heard at the next adjourned date.

Fourth, the court, after going through what it called a tight judicial calendar, moved the date of the next hearing backwards from 19th to 18th January, 2022.

Finally, the court ruled that it will entertain all outstanding applications at the next hearing; and proceeded to make the following Orders:

1, That Mazi Kanu be given maximum comfort possible in the detention facility.

2, That he be allowed a change of clothing.

3, That he be allowed free practice of his Jewish faith including access to his Jewish religious materials.

4, That the DSS obey all previous orders granted in the matter, including allowing Kanu any visitor of his choice.

5, That Kanu be permitted, at his option, to mingle freely with other inmates or any other persons at the detention facility.

The judge initially reacted that Nnamdi Kanu cannot enjoy luxury like a free man, judge tells lawyers

Justice Binta Nyako said the SSS detention was not a five-star hotel where Mr Kanu could enjoy all the luxury he desires.

“DSS custody is not a five star hotel. Unless I am given an evidence about what you are saying. File an affidavit of facts to that effect.

“Mr Ejiofor be serious in this matter. He is in a detention facility, there are certain things that are not allowed there. I have visited detention facilities in the U.S. and UK,” the judge said.

Mr Ejiofor, at an emergency hearing on Thursday, informed the court of the poor state of his client who has been in SSS facility since his extradition to Nigeria in June.

The lawyer said Mr Kanu was kept in a tiny room, wasn’t eating well and was yet to have a change of cloths since his detention.

“We want the court to order the detaining authority to keep the defendant in a convenient facility, he is kept in a tiny place, he has not been eaten well. He has been wearing one cloth since his detention,” he pleaded.

Mrs Nyako however directed that Mr Kanu be given “maximum comfort possible”, healthy diet and medical attention if needed at the SSS facility.

During the hearing, the court granted the defendant’s application seeking the abridgement of time to hear Kanu’s trial to January 18, 2022.

Mr Ejiofor challenged the competency of the court to hear Mr Kanu’s trial but the prosecution counsel, M.S. Labaran quickly objected, saying they were only in court to hear his application for abridgement of time.

The judge agreed with the prosecution counsel and said the hearing of other applications cannot be done in the absence of the defendant, Mr Kanu.

Meanwhile miscommunication trembling the relationship between IPOB Directorate of State (DOS) and Biafrans. 

Simon Ekpa acclaimed Nnamdi Kanu's disciple said that Legal team should be the right channel to Communicate legal matters to the public and not the DOS. He however, said that DOS were passing the distorted information to the public to remain relevant. 

Mr Simon said that December 2nd Court is for the application filed by the legal team and not for the main trial of Onyendu as some people in some quarter were claiming out of ignorant

I hope everyone is following?

The court case today could just be for the application filed, demanding for the transfer of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from the DSS dungeon to the correctional facilities.

The hatred and ignorance of many fake Biafra Almajiri E-rat is sickening.

Some of them were jubilating yesterday when I responded to some comment that it is fake until I hear from the legal team.

During the evening broadcast, I demanded that I will not comment on it until I read the update from the legal team and 30min later Barrister Ejiofor updated his Facebook page and officially informed Biafrans and the world about the court today, which has to do with the PENDING APPLICATION THEY FILED and NOT ABOUT ONYENDU COURT CASE PER SAY as some idiots were meant to believe.

What I still cannot comprehend is why some idiots were happy that the information of a court hearing on application filed by our legal team for either transfer of our Supreme leader were not properly communicated to the people of Biafra until we requested for the official communication.

Malami is claiming that before we can talk of pardon, there should be a conviction.

I am requesting that a brilliant lawyer and more experience SAN should go to Malami and lecture him. He seem not to understand the law of Nigeria and the constitution.

We are not talking about PARDON, rather we are talking about the DISCONTINUATION of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s case for public interest.

Please, someone should send my legal opinion to Malami.
(Edited: my intention was to inform Malami that you pardon someone who committed no crime and you convict someone who committed no crime).

In the view to this development, DSS flown on Court decision to transfer IPOB leader from their detention facility to Correctional centre (Prison). 

DSS said that they always spend 500 million on each Mr Kanu's Court Case, they Kanu is safer in their custody. DSS also acknowledged Court decision to Mr Nnamdi Kanu's right to freedom of socialization and maximum comfort. 

The Court also brought forward Mr Kanu's Court case to 18th, 19th and 20th January 2022. 

Meanwhile President Buhari's off record statement about the fate of IPOB leader has continued to stir reactions and absolute disapproval. The statement where he said that Mr Nnamdi Kanu will not know freedom till he leave office come 2023. 

Also Controversial Blogger, Sowore of Sahara Reporters who was one of the attendees today's court sitting but was attacked by hoodlums hired by DSS to kill him if possible. 

  Sowore sitting in the court room 

Source: Throwback Times