Neni Town Hall 

Neni is a town In Anambra State. It shares common boundaries with Akwaeze, Obeledu, Adazi Ani, Adazi Nnukwu, Oraukwu and Adazi Enu. 

Some questions have surfaced pertaining to historic affairs in Neni. The questions are published below:


1. What is the reason Umueze Village celebrate Ufejioku? 

2a. Eziaja day celebration started which year? 

2b. State at least 5 importance of 'Village day' celebrations in Neni.

3. Who was the first Richest man in Neni? 

4.  With atleast 3 points. Explain how young Nenians can be productive people. 

5a. How many Kindreds do we have in Neni ?

5b. State 5 importance of Age Grade Association to Neni Development. 

6. Which village is the oldest Village in Neni? Give reason

7. List All markets in Neni (inclusive of those that are no more). State their locations. 

8. Who is the first President General of Neni? 

9. List all the Villages in Neni and where they migrated from. 

10. List at least 5 'Most Influential people in Neni'.

However, answers have been provided for the following questions:

1. Ufejioku Umueze.

Top facts:

a. Umueze Village celebrate Ufejioku to give thanks to deity of yam for an abundant harvest in the year. 

b. Umueze was a farmer, he loves cultivation of yam. Having migrated from Uga to settle at Neni, he built a big store where he stores yam. 

c. There was always hunger in the land, hence Umueze put so much energy in cultivation of yam. 

d. It becomes part of Neni tradition that Umueze will celebrate Ufejioku which usually take place in early days of August every year before Igwe or any individual celebrate new year festival. But then after Umueze village, Eziaja will now display yams at Eke Market for the first time of the year. 

e. Umueze Village also perform the ceremony to create awareness that cultivated yams are due for harvest.

Importance of Village Day Celebration in Neni:

Village day celebrations creates an arena for villages to display traditional events such as Masquerade dance and other benefitting programs for sight seeing and sharing of informative stuffs, meeting people, repopulation, etc. 

Top points:

a.  Create an avenue for display of traditional events. 

b. For clear understanding of village traditions and Neni tradition as a whole. 

c. Meeting people and making new friends. 

d. Generate revenue

e. Boast village pride and sense of belonging.

f. Create an avenue for economic activites.

g. Fantastic programs may influence Neni people living abroad to return to grace the event. 

h. Create an avenue for age grades, Village unions etc to  association's affairs alive. 

i.  Create an arena for sight seeing. 

j. Open new window for review of vital policies including constitutions, others.

k. Promote traditional endowments of Different villages and Neni as a whole. 

l. Create an avenue to unite Nenians 

4. How Young Nenians can be productive people:

1. Apprenticeship has been major way many people succeeded in Neni.

Situation of things (in politics, modern technology eg smart phone, religion, moral decadence etc), lack of humbleness and loyalty, diabolic nature of some Bosses/apprentice of this generation, other factors had contributed to gradual dieing of 'Igba Boi' in mordern day in Igbo land entirely. 

2. Education including Providing Scholarships to indigent students of Neni extraction. 

3. Provision of Educative and informative Programs for young people in Neni .

4. Wealthy individuals Providing alms to young Nenians who are hustling to make Something out of Nothing. 

5. Reading of character changing and philosophic books for building of good/positive attitudinal behavior towards life. Your ability to change things depends on the extent you've invested on yourself intellectually. 

6. It is very important Nenians influence Government's activities/Policies to better some things/institutions we have in Neni to create more employment opportunities in our Community. JIIMATECH, NNEWI TEACHING HOSP. XTENTION, Others.

5. How many Kindreds do we have in Neni. 


Neni have about sixty one Kindred (61 Kindreds) with 28 wards [Citation Needed].

Note: Amakwa Kindred in Eziaja village is the largest Kindred in Neni.

6. Oldest Village in Neni. 


There were 3 versions of history of Neni. Popular version explained that EneninaUbosi  begats three sons Etitinabo, Nyeke and Umuezani (now part of Akwaeze). 

Before EneninaUbosi settled where they are today. There were already a Native Doctor (Okofia) who settled there already. EneninaUbosi found it ok to live with the native Doctor so that he would be protected from Enemies and other bad things. They were very thick bushes where they settled. 

Etitinabo the senior among the children of EneninaUbosi settled where they are today.

Nyeke settled at Umueze (Anedu,Nwangwujiako) Originated from Enenina Ubosi.

Eziaja Day Celebration:

Top Facts:

a. When the Nigeria Biafra War ended, everything was in disarray, people were displaced. 

b. Some people of Eziaja extraction started Eziaja Day without 'consistent' formal records.

c.  People of Eziaja engendered the Program to unite Eziaja people, and at the same time display skills, masquerade dance, share information and ideas, share love with other Villages and friends. 

d. Eziaja Village Day Programs evolves as time goes on. 

e. From verified records, Eziaja Day started 1975.

f. Eziaja Day Celebration was also engendered to remember Heroes and Heroines of Eziaja extraction.

3. The first Richest man in Neni:

The first Richest man in Neni may be surrounded with controversy and unverified opinions and records. 

Assets Are the major criteria. However,  during the olden days in Neni, people grade richest to as one with highest number of yams, properties, wife, etc. 

The first man who built upstairs in Neni was Chief Okpala Onona Igbo Ekwu In Umudioka Village Neni, second person who built an upstair in Neni was Chief Eyisi Akabueze in Eziaja Village [Citation Needed].

 The first Richest Man in Neni before Ekwenibe & others was Chief Onwedo Ezemenahu (Ozo title holder) Ezeani Ibunidiego in Umuezuzo Family in Eziaja Village [Fact Verified].

[RECENT] Other people originated from these Families - Ekwenibe (Umuabani), Ibeanu (Umudioka), Okpala (Amakwa), Obianodo (Umueze) and others. [Citation Needed].

No 7. Notable Markets in Neni (those no longer existing inclusive):


1. Nkwo Ozu in Umunri Village Neni (defunct) 

2. Nwafor or Afor Market in Eziaja Village (defunct) [Today built Cairo Suite Hotel].

3. Eke Okpo in Eziaja Village (defunct) [Today built the Village Hall].

4. Orie Central Market in Etitinabo/Ugwudunu Village Neni (Existing).

5. Nkwo Aja daily Market in Ugwudunu Village Neni [Existing].

8. The first President General of Neni:

Chief Benson Mgbemena

9. Villages in Neni summary history (there were 3 versions of records).


Grand sons and daughters of Enenina Ubosi have occupied all the villages' land mass in Neni before migrants from different towns in Omanbara (Anambra) joined them in search of greener pasture and journey to escape from enemies. Also note that olden days people live by competition and superiority wars to conquer more land. 

a.  Umudioka Village Migrated from Umudioka In Dunukofia. When the man settled in Neni. He showed others what he's made of. He has Spiritual Powers and cunny or crafty in Nature. He and his descendants overpowered Adazi Nnukwu, Amakwa, Umueze, Etitinabo, and Adazi Ani and took part of their lands. 

b. Eziaja Village Migrated from Awka Etiti Town. They migrated in Group. Their power lies in collective efforts and unity. 

Note: When Amakwa from Amakwa village in Ozubulu came to Neni. Eziaja welcomed them and gave them part of their land. Amakwa later joined forces to drag lands with Umueze village having lost part of their land to Umudioka. 

c. A farmer from Umueze in Uga migrated to Neni. He was given lands for farming by those who already settled there. Umueze joined forces with already settled people in land conflict against Amakwa. Umueze also drag land with Obeledu [Citation Needed].

d. Ugwudunu Village migrated from Nimo. He was a quiet type of person and settled at Mountinous area in Neni. Some people said that he possess spiritual Powers. [Citation Needed].

e. Etitinabo was the eldest Child of Enenina Ubosi (Neni).

f. Okofia was a Native Doctor who already settled before Enenina Ubosi comes in to live with him. 

g. Umunri migrated  from Nri Town and settled with Adazi Nnukwu but Adazi Nnukwu are said to be  mean people so they didn't grant Umunri the privilege to hold title and others. Subsequently some part of Umunri people angrily joined Neni while others continued to live with Adazi Nnukwu. 

Note: Umunri initially came to be an Independent town which they couldn't achieve. 

h. Part of Ezineni Migrated from Abba town [Citation Needed], Part of Ezineni migrated from Amakwa Eziaja, other members were from Enenina Ubosi Origin (Neni). 

i. Umuabani was said to relate with Ugwudunu from Nimo [Citation Needed]. Umuabani possess Spiritual Powers. Meanwhile part of Umuabani are from Enenina Ubosi. 

j. Part of Umukabia are from Enenina Ubosi origin, others were said to have migrated from Agulu Town [Citation Needed]

10.  Most 'Influential' (not richest) in Neni:

Dead and Alive:

a. Benson Mgbemena 

b. Anthony Enukeme 

c. Michael Okpala 

d. Iwuobi Enemuo 

e. Dr PC Evaristus Udorah 

f. Prof Ibemesi John 

g. Chief Mbonu Chukwu 



g. Chief Vincent Obianodo 

h. Chief Patrick Chidolue 

I. Chief Damian Onwuameze Ezeani 

j. Chief Paul Enidom 

k. Chief Mgbemena Ejike 

l. Chief Akonobi Robert 


Written by Chiekezie Kene F.