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Throwback Times Nigeria brought to you profitable Skills to acquire in 2022 for male and female according to the one you have passion for:

1. Tailoring (Fashion and design):

Tailoring has been a profitable skill in Nigeria as Nigerians are fashion lovers ranging from Ankara, suit, casual dress, etc. You can also be lucky to get contracts from organizations including to sew school uniforms for students. 

What you needed for tailoring are sewing machines, scissors, tapes, needles, threads, etc. 

You can learn acquire tailoring skills from formal and non formal education. 

2. Phone repairs:

One can earn daily incomes from phone repairs as phone has been part of our daily lives that is instrumental for communication. People who repair phones in Nigeria earn daily income as gadgets are bound to faults from time to time. 

Phone repairs can be learnt through  mainly nonformal education. There are popularly markets known as phone and phone repair hub, they include Emeka Ofor plaza in Main Market  Anambra, Computer Village Lagos, others. 

Instruments needed for computer repairs includes Heater, solder, screw driver, brush, table and chairs, spirit, etc. 

3. Laptop repairs:

Laptop repairs is one of perculiar gadget repairs. There are people who specializes on laptop repairs and had perfected the modalities. 

Instruments needed for computer repairs includes Heater, solder, screw driver, brush, table and chairs, spirit, etc. 

4. Carpentry: 

It is of no doubt that people spend on furniture properties such as cussion chairs, beds, shelves, wine bars, chairs and tables, carboard, etc. 

For example as at March 2022, an average bed frames depending on the woods and designs cost 80k to 180k. Higher or top designs goes from 400k to 700k. Though importation of Furnitures and poor aforestation has been major factors militating against capentry. 

One can acquire capentry knowledge through formal and non formal education. 

Instruments needed for capentry includes hammer, saw blade, nails, space, tape, driller, smooter, etc. 

5. Driving:

Acquiring the knowledge of driving can project you to your financial expectations including knowledge to drive trailers, trucks, Caterpillars can make you employable to construction companies, shipping and trucking companies.

Learning driving of SUVs and having your own car can project you to running your private taxi or you register  it with taxi companies including bolt, taxify or Uber. 

What you needed for this is drivers license and knowledge of vehicle papers. 

6. Mesonry and Bricklaying: 

One can make daily income from brick laying (including brick/block moulding). As at March 2022 each brick/block layed cost about 80 to 100 naira or even more than all depends on position or other associated difficulty.

Averagely one who lays 300 brocks a day earns N30,000 though there are some people who can lay more than 300 as it all depends on individual's experience, capabilities and health conditions. 

You can learn block/brick laying basically through non formal education. 

Instruments needed for this are shovel and spade, headpan, trowel, rope, plumer, range stick, industrial hat for shelter, etc. 

7. Web design:

Web development is very lucrative as your efficiency and good results will earn you clients through referrals. We also have niche associated with web development. They includes:

a. Phone application development 
b. Website development 
c.  SEO 
d. Ethical hacking tips 
e.  Software Programming 

There are still other packages associated with Computer literacy including: Word Office, Excell, Power Points, Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, etc. One learned of Computer software packages can open a cyber cafe or be employed in an office as a computer operator. 

8. Snacks and Cake baking:

Unarguably, snacks and cake making has been a profitable skill in Nigeria. Birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries and other casual events needs services of cake baker while snack baker supply to shops while some bakers employ the services of workers to hawk for them or otherwise open a shop and display your snacks as your good and yummy products will fetch you clients by referrals. 

Instruments needed for bakery includes moulder, ovum, floor, sugar, milk, honey, yeast etc. 

9. Hair dressing:

This skill is one of the skills that will never go out of usefulness in Nigeria. It is always in high demand no matter the amount of people that joins the business every year. Festive periods like Christmas, new year seasons are the hottest.

It takes most young ladies about 5 months to perfect this skill.

Another good thing about this is that you can earn while you learn.

10. Manicure

11. Vehicle mechanic

12. Generator mechanic

13. Music production

14. Video editing

15. Graphic design

16. Graphic art

17. Dancing

18. Singing:

No need to make long comments on this. We all at least have some idea how much fortunes our favorite musicians have made and are making as we speak form their art.

You may not do it big as they are doing now but every level of the art comes with some rewards l, no matter how little.
At least you can start somewhere, if you are talented and persistent you will surely blow in a matter of time .

Live bands,choristers, back up singers all makes money with their voices.

19. Football or any other sports

20. Weightlifting or any other gymnastics: One with the capacity can be a bouncer in an event Or be employed by a security company. 

21. Sprinting or any other athletics

22. Welding

23. Pop ceiling installation

24. Solar installation

25. CCTV installation

26. Street light installation

27. Automatic gate installation

28. Electrical equipment installation and maintenance

29. Plumbing

30. Ice cream making

31. Cooking/restaurant business 

32. Writing/content development 

33. Public speaking

34. Canoeing

35. Swimming

36. Typing

37. frying of nuts and cereals: This includes Groundnut, pop corn Etc. 
This is one of the simplest things you can start today and get customers immediately.
The capital requirements is very low and the returns is good considering the capital and skills requirements.

38. Building art work

39. Building Painting

40. Vehicle paint spraying

41. Vulcanising

42. Television repairs

43. Radio repairs

44. Telecommunication mast installation and maintenance

45. Event location decoration
The money in this business is just unbelievable. 

46. Photography

47. Costuming

48. Make up artist:

Young men and women that are into this are constantly smiling to the bank.

49. Hair styling

50. Building plan drawing

51. Iron bending

52. Panel beating

53. Air conditioner installation

54. Teaching

55. Acting

56. shoe making and repair
This is a secret gold mine that many are yet to discover.

57. boat repairs

58. Fishing

59. interlock stone molding

60. Brick molding

61. interlock stone installing

62. Bead works:
Beads are used for a variety of things and mostly in the fashion industry.

Luxury ear rings, necklaces, bracelets,handbags and even some clothing can be made with beads.

If you hear how much these wealthy women pays for the bead ornaments you see on them ,you jaw will drop in utter disbelief.
The best part of this is that you can learn this on line and can practice the business from the comfort of your home.

You may also venture into this as a side hustle,  you don’t have leave your job for it.

You may quit your job later and run it full time when the fortunes starts pouring in.

63. Aluminium and glass Works:

This is ones of the best skills to be learned by a male in Nigeria. Any young man with this skill is definitely set for life, I made this statement because I know a lot of persons who has made a great deal of fortune from this profession.

All these beautiful new buildings popping up at all corners of the country cannot happen without the services of these people.

You need to acquire the skill and you can do this by reaching an apprenticeship agreement with a professional in the field.

Many of them are seen all over the country, even at your street. Mist of them own work shops at which they fabricate and display their work.

If you are a quick learner, you will certainly start making some money if your own few months into the apprenticeship.

You can be fixing broken glass windows for example, for your neighbors and friends  even before you graduate and open your own workshop.

64. Blogging/Vlogging:

Blogging is also a lucrative work. Blogs are web platform where people write and share their  ideas and information or news to the public. Vlogging means video blogging for instance YouTube, Etc. 

Bloggers make fortune from marketing or advertising. Some approach companies and reach an agreement while others apply to advertisement companies such as Google ads, mgid, etc and hustle for legit traffic. Bloggers also sell their Personal  products or services In their platform. 

Note: Blogging can be capital intensive 

64. Offering special services to people including sweeping, taking of house chores, etc and getting paid. 

65. Private Tutorials: 

Offering private lessons to people.

66. Laundry and Cleaning Services 

67. Porn Acting 

68. Security Company/Bounce 

69. Beer Parlour 

70.  Affiliate marketing 

71. Digital Marketing 

72. Barbing 

73. Massaging skills 

74. Home Consumable Productions such as soaps, organic cream, custard, soybeans, etc 

75. Tiling 

76. Bicycle Repairs 


The above are the comprehensive list of lucrative skills that can earn one profitable income. We will still be adding more skills as time goes on. 

The above are an average skills acquireable in Nigeria. We are going to treat higher and sensitive Skills that fetches mega wealth in my next article.