Gov Hope Uzodimma with some of the Northern Nigeria Stakeholders.

Throwback Times Nigeria has learnt in a Statement issued by Gov Hope Uzodimma of Imo State regarding to constant bloody fracas between Fulani Herdsmen and Southeastern residents where Cow Fulanis have killed over Five Thousand (5000) Innocent people ,including farmers within 2 years.

Some of the cow Fulanis stated their reasons for attacking Southeastern residents. During one of the latest attacks in Benue State, Fulani herders who accosted community residents told them that Benue State historically belongs to Fulanis likewise Nigeria as a whole. This unquestionably  connotes war of dominance. 

Fulani herders have always launched fatal attacks in South east and Nigeria as a whole without being brought to justice,  fueling agitations in Nigeria.

Detained IPOB leader established armed wing In IPOB structure to counter and repel attacks from the terrorists herders terrorising the region. Kanu's latest flaunting of Eastern Security Network (ESN) compelled some Fulani terrorist herders to quickly vacate so that farmers can go to their farms without being killed or raped. 

In Imo State, some Fulani residents had vacated. But Gov Hope Uzodimma has called on the vacating herders to come back and continue their Cow Businesses in Imo. Throwback Times Nigeria obtained the latest statement from the office of Imo State Governor Hope. 

The statement reads:

“ I paid a visit to the leadership of Northern Forums in Nigeria to encourage them on the need to return back to Imo State and other Eastern States to continue their daily businesses and other activities.

“I urged them never to allow IPOB rantings to put fears in them rather they should bear in mind that Imo State is part of Nigeria and nobody be it IPOB has any right to instill fear in them or chase them out of the State.

“Notherners are our brothers be it Hausa, Fulani, they are all our brothers and we are ready to welcome them wholeheartedly to Igboland and they have every legal rights to own a land, streets named after them and as well marry in our land if they so desire.”

Credit: Throwback Times