Gov Soludo, Anambra State 

Since the inauguration of Chukwuma Charles Soludo as the Executive Governor of Anambra State. His priority has been to quell unknown gunmen in the State. Many opposition opinions disclosed that President of Federal Republic of Nigeria had seriously tasks Soludo as his first assignment to end Unknown Gunmen using his political charisma, since he was loved by the people. 

Governor Soludo started his tasks by fighting against the Sit-At-Home protest engendered by Eastern residents as initiated by IPOB which was used to protest against the illegal detention of IPOB leader, Mr Kanu after he was  renditioned extraordinary from Kenya to Nigeria and had been detained for almost a year now. 

Governor Soludo also asked all genuine agitators to surrender their arms and follow his governance. Soludo who also made drastic moves reportedly planted informants and uses security operatives to invade the camp of Unknown Gunmen situated in Ogboji in Anambra State where few people were arrested, others escaped. 

After the day Unknown gunmen camp was attacked, unknown gunmen regrouped and razed Gov Soludo's Local Government Area buildings in Aguata in retaliation. 

The gunmen who stated their reasons for attacking security formations in the south eastern state in Nigeria had vehemently demand for unconditional release of IPOB leader Mr Kanu.

On Issue bothering with release of Kanu. Mr Nnamdi Kanu who refused to compromise his requests for Biafra Agitation/freedom in detention said that he had suffered alot. Also President Mohammed Buhari has stated off record in one of his Sojourn to France that he will never release Kanu until he leaves office 2023. 

In the view of this development, the gunmen were reported to have dared Anambra State Governor Soludo not to rejoice yet that they will deal with him. According to a post spotted by Throwback Times Nigeria has it that Unknown gunmen also assured Soludo of reprisal/veagence after their camp was attacked by Nigerian Security operatives in Ogboji Anambra.