Gov Hope Uzodimma

According to an Insider at Imo State Gov House. Hope Uzodimma, the incumbent Gov of Imo State had Suffered what is termed "Cerebral Malfunction" or "Brain Malfunction". 

According to most brain dysfunction that happens from 60 years old up is usually Parkinson’s disease. It is an age-related degenerative brain condition, meaning it causes parts of the brain to deteriorate. It’s best known for causing slowed movements, tremors, balance problems and more. Most cases happen for unknown reasons, but some are inherited. The condition isn’t curable, but there are many different treatment options.

Brain dysfunction usually undergoes a neurological recovery phase of several weeks to months, similar to that after a stroke or head injury without a depressed fracture.

Though Imo State Gov Hope Uzodimma is very much alive but rumours confirmed that he had suffered severe Brain dysfunction. 

Daily Trust said that Imo State Gov House debunked the rumors of Uzodimma's death.