According to a statement transmitted to Throwback Times by Adaeze UC, a blogger and an inspired young writer. 

She's launching another book titled - Your Purpose, Your Target; According to her, it is a character changing book which was written to positively change peoples view and approach to life, thereby creating a better society.

The Statement Reads:

eBook: Your Purpose - Your Target 

The Official Launch Of First Self-help Ebook. YOUR PURPOSE - YOUR TARGET: A book is born! 

This is the #1 secret to purpose discovery, setting SMART targets, reducing anxiety, and increasing happiness and success in life.

This book teaches you how to discover, develop a clear personal purpose and set up SMART targets that work.

You will discover techniques to achieve clear direction, set SMART targets, ease anxiety about life, succeed and stay happy in life!

This book is a clear roadmap on how to build a purpose and set a target that works!

Unfortunately, many of us are looking for a sense of purpose and how to set targets, as they are not readily revealed to us. Sometimes, they are right in front of us, looking at our faces and right in our eyes, but we don't see them.

Discover in this book:

- A Sense of Purpose.

- How To Reflect On Your Life Purpose.

- The Category In Which You Fall.

- The Equation For The Purpose.

- Problems Affecting The True Purpose Of An Individual And How To Resolve Them.

- Mindfulness-Based Exercises To Do During Awkward Moments.

- How To Identify Your Purpose.

- S.M.A.R.T Targets.

- Steps For Setting Achievable Targets.

- Strategies for discovering your purpose, establishing targets and achieving them And MORE.

This book tells you how to live on purpose, not on fear. By reading this book, you will gain a greater sense of purpose and direction in life. You will experience a deeper sense of purpose, enthusiasm and focus as your impressions resonate deeply with what you want.

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Price: N2, 000

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