According to a statement transmitted to Throwback Times by Adaeze UC, a blogger and an inspired young writer. 

She's launching another book titled - Your Purpose, Your Target; According to her, it is a character changing book which was written to positively change peoples view and approach to life, therebycreating a better society.

The Statement Reads:


Greetings to you Throwback Times Viewers.

I want to let you know that my book, YOUR PURPOSE - YOUR TARGET, will be released on 22nd June 2022. Can you help me out? 

I’m releasing this new ebook and would love your help spreading the word! I would greatly appreciate your support in helping to spread the news!

Here is a quick overview of the book:

The book teaches you how to discover, develop a clear personal purpose and set up SMART targets that work.

It reveals techniques to achieve clear direction, set SMART targets, ease anxiety about life, succeeds and stay happy in life!

This book is a clear roadmap on how to build a purpose and set a SMART target that works!

Unfortunately, many of us are looking for a sense of purpose and how to set targets, as they are not readily revealed to us. Sometimes, they are right in front of us, looking at our faces and right in our eyes, but we don't see them.

It's important to note the following as a team:

Question 1: What am I agreeing to do for you?

What are you getting in return?

The answer is pretty simple:

You will get things like:

- Your name will be mentioned in the “Acknowledgements” part of my book. 

- You get the chance to be part of something inspiring. 

- The personal satisfaction of helping to create something meaningful.

- Free business advert on my social media pages. 

Note that as my launch team grows bigger, I might need to offer more than this.

Question 2: What are you agreeing to do for me?

Here are some ways you can support my book launch. You can choose one:

- Purchase one or more copies here: (Amazon) or (Selar). Write a review on Amazon or Selar and To me ( (Amazon) or (Selar)

- Think of at least three - Five people who would benefit from this book and let them know about it.

- Share news about the book via your social media networks. I have included sample tweets and messages below to make it easy for you!

 Example of Tweet:

P.S. Here are some sample tweets and social media copy you can use:

1. Excellent new book:  YOUR PURPOSE - YOUR TARGET. Grab your copy here: (Amazon) or (Selar) 

2. I love this new book by my friend, Adaeze UC. Grab a copy of YOUR PURPOSE - YOUR TARGET. Click here: (Amazon) or (Selar) 

3. I received an advanced copy of YOUR PURPOSE - YOUR TARGET and it is a fantastic book about how to discover, develop a clear personal purpose and set up SMART targets that work. I highly recommend you get a copy, too! Click here to get yours: (Amazon) or (Selar) 

4. Looking for a great read? I highly recommend YOUR PURPOSE - YOUR TARGET by Adaeze UC, which covers how to discover, develop a clear personal purpose and set up SMART targets that work. Order here: (Amazon) or (Selar) 

You can also introduce me to people you know who could need my services. I specialize in the following topics: 

- Book Writing and Publishing 
- Proofreading and Editing 
- Blog Content Writing 

I sincerely appreciate your support in helping me get this book launched with some great momentum.

 Please, let me know if you have any questions or ideas for me.

Thank you,

Adaeze UC.