ENUGU - Our Correspondent have gathered circumstantial reports about how director of MacDon Industries LTD intimidated his former employee over unpaid Salaries which have accrued to sum of N500,000.

According to the family, MacDon director Emerua told the police that Chinedu was after his life over his unpaid salaries.

The family of Elias Odenigbo in Enugu State have decried the arrest and detention of their son, Chinedu Odenigbo by the Nigeria Police ‘for committing no offence’.

The Odenigbos hail from Adaba in the Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of the state.

The family alleged that the Chairman of MacDon Industries Limited, Michael Emerua paid the police to assault and kill their son after failing to his salaries.

According to the family, Emerua told the police that Chinedu was after his life over his unpaid salaries.

Chinedu was a mechanic with MacDon Industries Limited, which is into oil and gas, restaurants, transport, tissue paper production, and property, among others.

Chinedu's journey to the police detention facility formerly used by the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) at Awkuzu in Anambra State began in January 2022, after he went back to his former company to demand his unpaid salaries amounting to N500,000.

But the police later arrested Chinedu, accusing him of alleged kidnap and having a connection to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

One of Chinedu's relations who spoke with SaharaReporters said the mechanic’s problem started when his former boss started owing him salaries.

 He said, "Chinedu has an issue with his former boss at MacDon Industries Limited in Anambra and he was picked up by the police; he has been in the cell since then.

 "His mother has been suffering for a long time from leg poisoning coupled with High Blood Pressure.

"Chinedu was a mechanic with the company (MacDon). He worked with them for some time but they refused to pay him as agreed. He decided to discontinue working with the company. But by the time he stopped, the company already owed him the sum of N500,000.

"Chinedu started spending money on his mother who suddenly fell sick. He needed more money to take care of her so he borrowed some money and did all kinds of jobs to take care of his mother.

"Later, he decided to go back to the company to ask for his money, but the oga (boss) refused to pay him and also denied him further entrance into the company.

"Chinedu then started making arrangements with a friend also owed by the company and two others to see how they could get their money.

"Unknowingly to Chinedu, one of the friends was recording all their conversations, which he gave to the company. The company later accused Chinedu of planning to kidnap someone.

"Chinedu was again set up through the same friend; that was how he was arrested for attempted kidnapping. The friend asked Chinedu to meet him somewhere. Meanwhile, the company had arranged for the police to be there to arrest him.

"When the investigation started, the police changed the case from Chinedu being a kidnapper to being an IPOB member. We learnt that the police later changed the charge from kidnapping to being an IPOB member because they could not prove it as he had not kidnapped anyone. They later accused him of being an IPOB member after finding some things on him that seem to show he supports Biafra. Who doesn't support Biafra in the South-East? And is it a crime to support Biafra?

"When we went to the station to see him, one of the policemen told us that the company paid them to kill Chinedu. Chinedu was in the SARS cell at Okwuzu for some time before he was moved to marine prison where he’s awaiting trial, and it is going to six months now and still counting.

"The judge in charge of the case has been adjourning it because the guy has nobody to assist him.

"I was told he has a case on Wednesday which I know will still be adjourned again because that’s how it has been," he added.

SaharaReporters learnt that the court did not on Wednesday because Emerua (Chairman of MacDon Industries Limited) had reportedly travelled abroad for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, when SaharaReporters contacted the spokesperson for the Anambra State Police Command, DSP Toochukwu Ikenga, to react to allegations that some policemen were bribed to frustrate the case and keep Chinedu in custody for long, he said he was not aware of the case.

"I don't have such information before me but since you said the case is already in court, I can't comment further on it," he said.

Source: SaharaReporters.com