The Dynamite (A.k.a Men At Work) is a Nigerian revered Afro-gospel music group that initially comprises of six (6) people - Darlington Kalu Agbai, Agbaeze Gabriel Ogba, Pastor Chizurum Peters, Ukay Kenneth, Chukwuka E. And One other (the youngest) who later left the group. The music group was formed 1999 in Abia State.

Their song was peculiar among other gospel music that came into existence in early 2000s. Darlington Kalu Agbai seem to be spearheading the group activities while Chukwuka also seem to be the led vocalist.

Most of the members hails from Abia State and also started their music journey in Abia. At inception, it was tasking as some top marketers rejected their initial debuts but surprisingly their songs especially 'Akpoaza' became the rave of the moment in 2003 attracting so many marketers who aids to project the studio project bringing the music group to the limelight in the industry.

Fast-forward to mid 2000s, they started dishing out albums till 2013 when they released their last album (It Doesn't Matter) which comprises of 6 tracks.

Due to the fast revolution taking place in Nigerian music sphere, they probably became lost in the dark and paused until recently in 2020 or thereabouts, they regrouped, moreover, they reacted to rumors been peddled around that they disintegrated; in their authentic social handle, they dispelled the rumours. They have also resumed music shows till date.

All the five members are married with kids. Opinions said that they were inspired by Ivorian foremost music group - Magic System. Click HERE to view and download all their albums.