All Songs Released by Godwin Kabaka Opara who was the leader of Oriental Brothers International Band (1974 - 1977)

When Ferdinand Dansatch with his then yet to name struggling music band travelled to Enugu for a music show in 1972, their only guitarist Tony Awoma left the music band at the show ground in Enugu due to the fact that the music group have not been making much headways.

Ferdinand mounted a search and founded another guitarist who was also a songwriter - Godwin Kabaka Opara to replace Awoma in Enugu, after the shows in Enugu, they went to Owerri where Sir Warrior joined for the first time, they later traveled back to base which is Lagos. At Afrodisia Decca Recording Studios, Godwin Kabaka Opara suggested the name - Oriental Brothers International Band (Brothers From The East) in late 1972. Due to seemingly profound experience by Kabaka Opara, he was appointed the leader of the band in consensus by Ferdinand Dansatch, Warrior, Aquila, others. 

After Kabaka left, Warrior became the leader before the final disintegration. 

1. Uwamesi Special (1975)

2. Oriental Special (1974)

3. Osa Enwe Akwu (1974)

4. Otu Nwa (1974)

5. Ihe Onye Eche (1974)

6. Onye Oma (1975)

7. Akwa Uwa (1975)

8. Nkwa Part 1 (1977)

11. Chi Awu Otu (1975)

12. Onye Oma Mmadu Eji Egbu Ya (1974)

13. Aku Udo (1977)

15. Oke Na Olulu (1977)

16. Nwoke Ezuike (1977)

17. Nnedinobi (1977)

18. Ndidi (1977)

20. Anam Elechi (1975)

22. Onye Si Nani Ya Biri (1975)

23. Ihe Oma Adighi Onye Oso (1974)

24. Nwanyi Di Ya Bu Eze (1975)

Most of these songs have double versions as a result of factionalism in the music group. The song Osa Enwe Akwu was inspired from a land dispute between two men in Imo State which later it was discovered that neither both men owns the land, the original owner is late. The song Ihe Oma Adighi Onye Oso was inspired after Nigerian government shared a palliative in 1970s leaving musicians (especially from South East) behind. 

Ferdinand Dansatch lamented alot on how the Government abandoned the music group - According to him, "The president knows about Oriental Brothers; how, immediately after the civil war, we started the band, moving about suffering, till we came out with the first record and that record made everybody happy. No government in Nigeria has ever remembered us or given us money. They gave ‘Udorji’ (so much money, as entitlement) to the civil servants in the mid-70s, for which we did the song, ‘Iheoma’ (lee nu mu, lee motor cycle). They shared their money, and did not give us any."

- Throwback Times Nigeria,