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a. Background
b. Origin
c. Villages
d. Institutions domiciled 
e. Random
f. Conclusion 

Isulo Town is among the towns that made up Orumba South LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. The town shared common boundaries with Nawfija in the north, Eziagu in the North East and Ezira in the South, while its West is bounded by Ezira, Ndi-okparaeze and Nawfija.

Isulo Town has their own unique Cultural Heritage and of course beautiful soil where vegetations thrive. 

When a hunter called Nze migrated from Ohafia to the present day Umu-nze during his hunting adventure. He found the place habitable and conducive. He however, settled there and got married two wives.

1. Ijendo (first wife): She begat only a son called Dara (Founding Father of Ezi-Agu Town).

2. Lolo (second wife): She begats seven sons and a daughter. During survival migration, an immigrant who migrated from Isu (Now Isunjaba, Imo state) to Nze's place Married Nze's one and only daughter.

Furthermore, Nze directed the immigrant to settle where they are today (Isu-lo) and  the immigrant eventually became a neighbor to Nze and now the present day Isulo (Umunze treats any girl from Isulo as Ada in any ceremony till today).The name Isulo was derived from Isu immigrant from Isunjaba and Nze's second wife, Lolo and hence the name- "Isu-Lo". Ijendu the first wife born one child; Dara (1st son), who is the father and founder of Eziagu, a neighboring town, after a family problem. [Read The Full Story]

Isulo is made up of five villages; there is one village that begats other major two villages namely: 

Isu man descendents begats Obuluhu who again begat:-

1. Daezim village and 

2. Ubah-Akwosa village. While migrant villages are:

3. Alaohia village (A migrant from Ajalli)

4. Uhuala village (A migrant from Aguata) and 

5.  Akata village. (A migrant from Nando)

Isulo is a beautiful town, although we didn't write about their administrative affairs. 

We've seen how the one and only daughter from Nze's (Ohafia Hunter) second wife - Lolo married an Isu migrant from Isunjaba (in present day Imo State). This is how the name "Isu-Lo" was derived. 

Nze directed the Isu migrant where to settle so as to keep an eagle eyes over his only daughter and as well as protect her. Obuluihu is historically descendents of Isu-Lo while other villages are had traces (migrants) from Ajalli, Aguata and Nando.