The Onitsha Social Media Foundation (OSMF) have organised a landmark beauty pageantry contest which underscores physical attributes, talents, skills, intelligence, creativity and other positive potentials.

Purpose Of The Beauty Pageant Contest:

According to the Foundation, the beauty pageantry programme served as a pedestal to celebrate the existence of the foundation birthed May 1, 2018.

The Foundation has recorded marvelous victories with cutting edges established in connecting creative minds, Feeding the needy, Hospital visitations, Trainings, Back to school project, Awards Ceremony, Election sensitization rally, Google trainings, exposure of members to life changing opportunities and projecting the image of the Onitsha city.

Gwen Divy Ifeson, the pioneer president instituted the idea to organize the Beauty Pageantry alongside others made it a reality. The programme discriminates not non-Onitsha-residents and thereby offers equal opportunity to interested minds to take part for bragging rights of a King and Queen in the Onitsha city.

Initial Preparations:

To gear up the contest, a committee was set up, headed by Johnbosco Youngnoni Nwokike as they commenced absolute preparations in the middle of March 2019.

Forms were made available at an affordable prices in order to create an equal opportunity for the potential participants.

Auditions were also held in order to make a transparent selection amongst the plethora of potential young men and ladies, who joined up in this epoch making event.

The services of well meaning Nigerians, who have the idea and gravity in beauty contests was employed in order to create a very transparent and bonafide Audition without sentiments.

Auditions done and dusted, next would be a full publicity in anticipation of the event with the team working relentlessly and round the clock, while leaving no stone unturned.

Two days to the Main Event was the camping exercise which took place at the Sharon Guest house Onitsha, where the contestants were drilled with camp tasks, tutored on skills, walking steps, dance skills, oratory and composure.

The Event Day:

The 'D' Day shone brightly like stars in the sky as a Red carpet was hosted by TNR TV with a good number of Dignitaries from far and wide, gracing the occasion and adding spark to the Event with moral support and applause while the Event was going on.

MC zanzino and Jenny Splenz co-hosted the Event  with a commendable synergy between the two as the Dj's Kent and Engr Percy Osagwu thrilled the audience with good musicals to flow with the ride of the mind blowing pageantry contest.

Opening prayers was also made with introductory remarks from Awele, a member of the Foundation while also introducing the members of the Onitsha Social Media Foundation who have made massive and candid contributions to the success of the programme.

The judges for the Event were also up to the task as they were called into action at different times of the programme with first outing and arrival of the contestants, second outing and stage dance, traditional outing, display of talents and creative wears and moments of question and answer in their English wears.

Music Exhibitions was also interchangeable sandwiched into the contest with musical Arts bringing a touch of class with good performance into the Arena with the likes of Kenn chukz, MMB, Kangol Michael Hello, Shadow, Collins Vegaz,Tukor Bonz, M Prof, MC I go tuk (Onitsha main market man) all involved in thrilling the audience with assorted performance from all angles of entertaining assessments.

There was also avenue for business and sponsors message with the partners, key contributors and companies who were involved having some time to create awareness about their business, got a very hospitable treatment and also taking clearer view of the events from a strong point. They also got treated to finger meals and drinks to complement  the interesting beauty contest.

It is of noteworthy to mention names who got their hands on deck, in order to actualize the event. The likes of winning woman, Queen Donnia Achalugo-Nwanyi, Daniel Okeke, Pascal Obidz, Amadike Prince, Okeke Christian Nnamdi, Kosisochukwu, Onyedika Judex Ezeh, Chi Chi Arachie, Chimdi Asika, Omonefe Elizabeth, Duke Mario, John Momo.

Declaration Of The Result:

Finally, King Dominic Umeadi and Queen Oma stole the show when announcement of their winnings was made known to the audience with people surging towards the stage to congratulate the winners of the debut edition of the programme.

According to Onitsha Social Media Foundation, another new project "Back To School Project" is forthcoming.